The Best Online Slots from 2019

A quick check of any online slots review site and you’ll quickly realise that there are hundreds of slots available to play. However what is it that marks out the best slots online, from the rest?

Fortunately, we’ve done the leg-work for you and here we present the best online slots of 2014 right here. Five outstanding slots, each very different to the last, which showcases the best slots features you can get in any online slots game. Many online casinos offers top online slots. Click Online Casinos have the best information on the internet, should you need more information.

Just visit a Microgaming casino or check En Ligne Casino Avis, the site has a list of the best online casinos and load up any of the five slots below and we guarantee, you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Jurassic Park

One of the most innovative slots of 2014, Jurassic Park features a host of exciting bonus games, T-Rex alert (with 35 extra wilds across the reels) and a huge number of additional features and add ons. This is a slot which pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved on even the best online slots. Check it out now and you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Football Star

Released just prior to this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, Football star captures all the elements of the world’s most popular game in a 5-reel, 243-ways-to-win slot. A huge jackpot of 525,000 is available for players and tha game is packed with a host of top features such as Rolling Reels, Stacked Wilds and Sticking Wilds.

  1. Avalon II

Based on the famous legends of King Arthur, Avalon II is the follow up to the hugely popular Avalon slot. A 5-reel, 243-ways-to-win slot offers players the chance to follow in one of the most famous adventures in history, the quest for the Holy Grail. With 8 fantastic bonus games and superb 3D animations, this is a slot which will not leave you disappointed.

  1. Girls With Guns 2

After turning up the Jungle Heat in their first adventure, Girls With Guns 2 sees us join this crack team on their second adventure. A big jackpot of over 100,000 is available as you join the crack team on the Icy Wastes of Fozen Dawn. With exciting new wilds in play, including frozen and magnetic wilds, plus a stunning shootout bonus, this exciting sequel has proven a big hit with slot players in 2014.

  1. Terminator II

It’s taken many years to arrive but finally, Terminator II is here. This fantastic slot, with incredible graphics and sounds, brings to life all the key aspects of the blockbuster feature film. The base game offers 2433 ways to win, but in free spins this expands to 1024 ways to win and the T-800 Vision feature also guarantees big bonus wins.

You can play any of these fantastic slots at the top casino of 2015, Golden Tiger Casino!

Max Damage is back for good!

Recently released by Microgaming, Max Damage is an exciting slot game that will exceed all your expectations. The game is a sequel of another Max Damage game, which was an arcade type, also released by Microgaming. Max Damage highlights 5×3 reels and 243 winning chances for players.

Enter Base Game and witness the spaceships swooping down. Do you have what it takes to save the planet? The battle to save the world has begun, and it’s up to Max to keep Earth away from devilish invaders. The Wild symbol can be incredibly valuable so you don’t want to miss it out. 3, 4 and 5 symbols present on the Max Damage reels will unleash amazing wins. But that’s not all! Scatter symbols are equally valuable.

If you can get 3 to 5 Scatters, you have a great chance to enter the 15 Free Spin feature. Who doesn’t love a slot game packed with even more surprises? After the 15 Free Spin feature had ended, your wins are doubled by a 2x multiplier. It doesn’t get any better than that! For more cash prizes, Max will have to blast off alien spaceships that want to invade his reels. Overall, players have 120,000 chances to win big.

As for the general design of Max Damage, get ready to travel back in time. The graphic designers of the slot have created the most interesting 80s environment, where players will be lured in by the incredible music and vintage sounds. How can you not like Max Damage when the animations are so fun and interesting? Try your luck and visit for a free welcome game!

The vibrant colors and attention-grabbing sounds will certainly keep you busy. And did we mention that the symbols are just hilarious? It’s not every day that you see a slot game with rocket ships, space stations and invading aliens popping on the screen.

Why You’ll Be Sweet On The New So Much Candy Slot!

When you are looking for a treat, nothing sates your appetite better than a bit of candy. This sugary-sweet concoction is enjoyed the world over and now you can enjoy more than your fair share thanks to Microgaming’s new So Much Candy slot.

Part of a trilogy of “So Much” games released this summer, So Much Candy is a 5-reel, 25 payline slot with spins available from just 0.25 per spin. The game features many familiar symbols, wilds and of course scatter symbols, but it is the beautifully vibrant and colourful candy symbols that steal the show.

Land three matching candy symbols across any payline and you enter the exciting Much More Candy feature. When triggered each of the candy symbols on screen can split into up to 5 new pieces of candy.

They will then be placed on the reels, thus creating even more winning lines and you can even generate a magical 25-payline symbol win if you manage to fill the reels completely.

With Wilds on hand to help you make winning paylines throughout the base game, this is exciting enough, but there’s also a lot more fun to be had when you hit the gumball machine scatter symbol across three or more reels.

Achieve this and you enter the Free Spins section where you can select from five different bonus games, offering between 8 and 16 free spins, but with each game offering a different jackpot level, with lower free spins offering a higher jackpot.

The choice is yours as to which game you play, but pick wisely as you could win up to 160,000 coins in this section if you pick the right game and get lucky!

So if you have a craving for something sweet, then we’d recommend the So Much Candy slot, you’ll save your teeth and hopefully land a sweetie-filled jackpot!

So Much Candy slot will be released on September 3 visit, we heard the finnish site will be the first one to release this game!

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Jurassic Park™

Jurassic Park™ is a 5×3 reel game developed in commemoration of the well-loved and celebrated film of the same title. It transports players more than 65 million years in the past and bring them into contact with creatures such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Velociraptors, and the Triceratops, to name a few. In this online slot game, the prehistoric dinosaurs are not something you’d flee from, but welcome with open arms as you rake in your winnings.

The Game

This brand new online adventure slot game leads the player on a quest through an island jungle setting, starting from the Base Game, where the most recognizable scenes and cast of the characters will be revealed via videos. Jurassic Park™ offers 243 ways to win, all distributed in different game modes, such as the T-Rex Alert Mode and the Free Spins mode, where bonuses are aplenty. Players win awards for left to right symbol combinations, while way wins multiply by coins bet. The Scatter symbol, however, pays no matter what position it is in and will be added to way wins. The wins with the Scatter symbol will also multiply, depending on the total bet placed by the players.

Jurassic Park has 5 Free Spin Bonus features, which can be triggered by the 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols. All of them boast dinosaur themes, namely the Tyrannosaurus Rex Bonus, the Velociraptor Bonus, the Brachiosaurus Bonus, the Triceratops Bonus, and the Dilophosaurus Bonus. Players will get 12 spins from each Bonus, along with other features. The Tyrannosaurus Rex Bonus, for instance, awards Wild Reels while the Brachiosaurus Bonus comes with a Mystery Multiplier. During the Bonus features, all 5 themed bonuses will have their respective symbols stacked with 3 each on all the reels.

What We Like

The original Jurassic Park film set a high precedent in terms of visual effects and sound, and it was only fitting that the same aesthetic also translate to this online slot game. Microgaming certainly delivered in that aspect, designing this game with rich sound and graphics that is truly reminiscent of the film. Apparently, this game was the first time that Microgaming introduced the Parallax Scrolling feature, adding more depth to the already colorful and rich imagery and graphics present in the game. The animation is so impressive you’d literally see the gentle breeze moving through the jungle foliage.

The rendering of the dinosaurs is also incredible, with Microgaming clearly displaying a lot of attention to detail. That’s not really a surprise, since the designers used the latest 3D animation technology in bringing them to life. The use of the original soundtrack from the film further added to the cinematic feel of the game, making each player experience it more fully.

Despite the standard 5-reel layout, there is a lot to look forward to in the game play of the Jurassic Park video slot. By utilizing the 243 ways-to-win system, players will find it much easier to get winning combinations and hit it big. Add to that the 5 different free spin bonus modes, and the chances of winning are multiplied. At first, selection among the 5 will be out of the control of the players. The DNA analysis of a dinosaur that has been randomly selected will determine the mode. The only time the players will be able to select is after the Free Spin bonus feature has been triggered 25 times already. This could both be good and bad for the players. Good, because it adds to the thrill of the game waiting to see which mode will be activated, and bad for those who don’t get lucky with the random selection. But hey, that’s all part of the thrill of the game, isn’t it?


With the Jurassic Park online video slot, it looks like Microgaming has a huge winner in its hands. Fans of the film will definitely flock to play this slot game, if only to relive the best parts of the movie. Non-fans, on the other hand, will also find the gameplay utterly fun and enjoyable, and will no doubt find themselves hooked to playing it.

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How to Participate in Slot Tournaments

You already know that playing the slots is fun and exciting, so how can you improve on an experience like that? The answer is simple – slot tournaments. Those who have a competitive nature are going to be even more excited when playing against other players.

For some, winning the title in a slot tournament is as important, if not more important, than the actual prize money that is up for grabs. There are players who prefer tournaments because they know what their potential losses may be if things are not going their way. For more information on the best slot machines and online casinos check

You begin with the buy-in

Everyone has to buy-in as the tournament starts. This means that you have to pay an entry fee to enter into the tournament and to be able to win. Some tournaments may be free to enter, some tournaments may have the casino ‘comp’ your entry (meaning they essentially pay the buy-in for the player) and other times you will just have to pay for the buy-in yourself. The cost of entry and the number of players is going to determine the prize pool.

The tournament starts

After the players have all paid their buy-in and the registration period is over, the tournament can now start. The traditional method for a tournament is that each player receives a specific number of credits to play with. The players now all play on a machine, and have a specific amount of time that they can play. Can you guess where to find the best tournaments? You might be surprised but Iceland came #1! For more details you can always take a look at, you will find a list of the best casinos in Iceland and a list of the best tournaments.

One of the common formats to play with is that a player has 20 minutes to play and receives 1,000 credits. Each time the player spins, it takes off the maximum bet from the starting credits. The credits that the player wins go on a separate meter, they are NOT added to the initial credits. After the 20 minutes is over, the game locks up. This means any credits not played are lost – thus making it even more important to keep playing as quickly as possible.

A chance to win and have fun

Some of the larger tournaments are going to have several different smaller tournaments before finally going into a ‘final round’ where most of the prize money is won. Especially if you consider the excitement of the game and the fact that you will never lose more than your initial bet, it is worth trying a slot tournament at least once. However if you are not the kind who enjoys tournaments, you can still keep playing solo or register with one of the best online casinos. Yukon Gold, Grand Mondial or even Captain Cooks offer up to 500 games including slots. You can find out more information and register by checking

Why Cool Wolf will surely be the hot slot to play in May!

Another month and once again, Microgaming are set to spoil fans of online slots with their imminent release of the fantastic Cool Wolf slot.

It may sound like a slot set in the arctic tundra, but instead, Microgaming have taken a different and perhaps more exciting approach, because the wolf in question isn’t really a wolf. He’s a geeky human who, every full moon, finds his lupine side takes over as he transforms into a simmering furball of rage and power, a mighty werewolf!

The slot sees you play as the teen in the base game with his transformation into the cool werewolf occurring when you move from the base game into the bonus game.

The slot boasts 5×3 reels and 243 paylines and from just 0.50 a spin, and with a potential jackpot available of 105,000, this is not a jackpot to be pawed and sniffed at!

In the base game there’s plenty of great features to help you claim a win, including fabulous features such as Rolling Reels and Stacked Wilds making a welcome return.

In addition, the slot also features 40 Wild symbols across the reels and a brand new feature for Cool Wolf, a Howling Wild, where one swipe of the werewolf’s talon will turn one of the reels completely wild for a far bigger chance of a win.

Land 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols across the reels to transform our geek into a werewolf and also start the bonus free spins game, with 15, 20 or 25 free spins available. If you hit Rolling Reels again here, all winnings will be increased by a multiplier of up to 10x the original win. You can play Cool Wolf with any best online casinos for Canadians, click on the link and start today!

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Join King Arthur’s Quest for the Holy Grail on the new Avalon II slot!

Avalon II

If your new year’s resolution involved getting out and about a bit more and seeing a little more of the country, then what better way to do it than a quest! This February the Avalon II slot hits casinos and you can join King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table as they seek arguably the most elusive goal in history; the Holy Grail.

Of course, along the way you’ll need a map, so you’ll be given a Trail Map, which will outline each of the eight fabulous Bonus Games you’ll face on your quest, each one of which is packed full with chances and opportunities to win a chest full of cash! There’s plenty to keep you occupied in the base game too with 5-reels of action and 243 different paylines available on every spin. With spins starting at just 0.30 coins too, this is a slot that even the less experienced of grail hunters can enjoy without breaking the bank.

online casino

As you would expect, the graphics, sound and gameplay that made the first Avalon slot so popular with slot fans, have all been updated and improved to bring gamers a brand new experience in the same theme, but undeniably enhanced over the original. Best of all, if you manage to progress all the way through the base game and the eight bonus games, you’ll get a chance to spin the Wheels of Avalon, where your reward for locating the quest will be revealed!

This could be a jackpot of up to 2,400,000 coins, which is one of the biggest prizes available on a non-progressive jackpot slot! So take up your sword and shield, strap on your helmet and armour and sit astride your steed this February for some fantastic medieval slot action that will give you the chance to find the Holy Grail and earn yourself a big payday!

Microgaming Launches Secret Santa Video Slot

The holiday season is here, along with a special surprise from Microgaming – the exciting new Secret Santa video slot. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, this 5X4 reel game with 1,024 ways to win is the perfect way to treat yourself this Christmas with its seven fun and festive features. These awesome features include Free Spins, Rolling Reels, Wild Reels, Wild Boost – which turns every one of a selected symbol wild, Mystery Multipliers that multiply your wins five or ten times, Dashing Wilds, and Scatter Spree, which makes all your symbols pay out. Each one is randomly awarded and offers lots of coins. And you won’t want to miss the five of a kind feature, which re-spins five of a kind wins to award five of a kind again. Are you super excited about this game? Check yukon-goldcasino and discover Yukon Gold Casino; you will be able to register if you haven’t done it yet and try your luck on Secret Santa.

If you are looking for a new experience this year with a festive touch, this is the game for you. This fun Christmas-themed game is appropriate for all players from beginners to experts. With a betting range of .50 to 25.00, Secret Santa fits into every budget as well. Everyone can enjoy the rich, inviting graphics and get into the holiday spirit with sparkling symbols, glittering snowfalls, and festive illustrations. Give Secret Santa a try, and you’ll be humming Christmas carols for days.

A chance to win big with Secret Santa is the gift that keeps on giving. Video slots are entertaining and fun, and Secret Santa will delight even the most seasoned players. Treat yourself this December and look for Secret Santa in any top Microgaming casino. You’ve worked hard all year and the holiday season is the perfect time to treat yourself to a relaxing and fun video slot game filled with gift-wrapped bonus features – and it doesn’t get any better than Secret Santa.


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Racing for Pinks

Why Racing for Pinks will be amongst the fastest-paced slots online this year

One of the most enjoyable aspects when playing online slots is the speed at which things happen. The gameplay is fast and furious and the pace and excitement only increases when you hit a winning combination or trigger one of the in-game features.

Now a brand new online slot from Microgaming, set to be released this November, threatens to rev things up even further.

The slot is called Racing for Pinks and is based on the theme of Street Racing, with many of the symbols being the modified muscle car that have been popularised in many films and television shows throughout the era.

While the graphics and sounds certainly evoke the smell of burning oil and squealing rubber, it is the gameplay itself that has fans of online slots waiting expectantly.

Plenty of wilds ensure that hitting winning combinations is a regular occurrence and with scatter symbols, multipliers and free spins also available, just like any good motor race, there is something always happening.

The big prize comes when you land the Bonus Race symbol on reels one and five. Here you get to predict the winner of five races and if you successfully do so on each level, you could win the Grand Prize, which comes with a multiplier potentially worth 175x your prize.

That’s not the only bonus to aim for though. Land the Free Spins Girl symbol on reels one and five and she too activates a bonus feature. This time it is 30 free spins, with all winnings generated during this section guaranteed a 5x multiplier.

Racing for Pinks is one of a number of online slots catering for all users, simple and cheap enough for beginners, but with enough depth of play and wagering options to keep veteran players pedal to the metal.

This brand new slot hits Microgaming casinos this November and is sure to be a big hit with all online slots players.

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Playboy Video Slot

Relax with the Asian beauty Kimi, take a walk on the beach with sexy Sofia, get a hot date with Ashley or spend a steamy night out with Jillian. The new Playboy Video Slot has it all – sensual images that will get your imagination going, Australian style animation that makes the spins more exciting, and a pack of irresistible bonuses to increase your chances to win big.


Speaking of winning, Playboy is a 5-reel game with 243 Ways to Win and with a maximum bet of 150 coins. Great for beginners and video slot experts alike, the gameplay is simple and addictive. Apart from the standard use of Wild and Scatter symbols, Playboy video slot also introduces some wonderful bonus features. The story behind them is that you want to become a Playboy Club Platinum Member. Each time you unlock the Playboy Club Bonus Feature, you will be taken to a Free Spins screen by one of the girls. Kimi, Sofia, Ashley and Jillian come paired with rounds of 10, 15, 20 and 25 Free Spins, respectively.

playboy 2

Within these bonuses you will find various Multipliers, special trademark features such as Running WildsTM and Rolling ReelsTM, and a fantastic Wild Night feature.

Running WildsTM– during the Free Spins round, the number of stacked Wilds keeps increasing.

Rolling ReelsTM – the symbols from the winning lines get consumed by upper symbols falling into their place. Essentially you get two chances to win per each spin.

Wild Night – triggered randomly during Jillian’s bonus, this turns up to 5 reels into glittering Wild Reels. Jillian sure knows how to party!

Considering the saucy title of this video slot, it should be noted that the game’s visuals focus on evoking the luxury of a playboy’s lifestyle rather than just showering players with nudity. However, this doesn’t mean that the images aren’t suggestive – and deliciously sexy!

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Mystic Dreams Is Fast Paced Entertainment At Its Finest!

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Smart graphics render a beautiful winter scene in the lands of native American tribes in our country’s fast. In the blink of an eye, the scene changes to a majestic, moonlit sequence of stars. Such is the energetic tempo of the newest online video slot game, Mystic Dreams.

Mystic DreamsBrought to you by Microgaming, Mystic Dreams is a 5 reel slot game with 243 unique ways to win, featuring Scatters, Free Spins, Wilds and some of the most exciting Multipliers players have ever seen. Sticking with the Native American theme, players spin for the mystical Totem Pole symbols. Three Totem Poles in a row will earn a player ten Free Spins. Four or five Totem Poles in a row can earn the player up to twenty Free Spins.

But the Free Spin madness does not stop there when you’re playing Mystic Dreams. If a Teepee Scatter symbol appears alongside a sequence of Totem Poles, a player will earn a multiplier of 2x, 3x or even 4x depending on which reel the Teepee appears on. And that’s not the end of it. If more than one Wild appears on the reel during one of these winning combinations, a player can score up to an astonishing 24x multiplier reward.

Mystic Dreams2The fast pace play of Mystic Dreams is only part of the fun. Colorful graphics illustrate wolves, bisons and eagles, proud Native chiefs and mystical dream catchers, vast plains and tall mountains. When a Free Spin is triggered, the scene changes dramatically to a starry midnight vignette. When it comes to video slot machines, Mystic Dreams is the pinnacle of entertainment!

Girls With Guns – Jungle Heat

online casino
This sexy sextet is ready to shoot the baddies out of the jungle! In Girls With Guns – Jungle Heat, Microgaming introduces us to Alex, Zoe, Kira, Katherine, Maria and Jess, military specialists hot on the trail of the sleazy drug lord Hector.

The visuals in this game are as steamy as the titular jungle, while the gameplay features a plethora of wild options, providing a variety of ways to make your fortune. To be more precise, this 5-reel video slot has 243 ways to win.

girls with gunsOf course, the higher the stakes the bigger the winnings: your betting choices range from 0.01 to 0.05, with 30.00 being the highest bet available. To maximize the simplicity of the gameplay, you have the option to use Quickspin and Autoplay functions, the latter of which will particularly come in handy during the long gambling sessions.

girls with guns2In Girls With Guns – Jungle Heat, girls not only shoot, they throw grenades as well! These Scatter symbols (if you land 3 or more) will trigger the explosive Free Spins feature. Free Spins can be re-triggered and also hide a special bonus: for each spin, a random reel will turn Wild.

Speaking of Wilds, the game features standard Wild symbols, stacked on reels, as well as the special Group Shot symbols which turn the entire reel Wild if they appear on reel 3.

girls with guns3Girls With Guns – Jungle Heat is an action packed military adventure that will appeal to a wide audience. With its betting range, fun theme and Wild features, this video slot looks to be a sure hit!

Jason and the Golden Fleece Video Slot

Jason‘Jason and the golden Fleece’ is a non progressive 5 reels and 25 pay lines Microgaming video slot with 243 winning combinations. The video slot is themed on the quest of Jason and his companions in search of Golden Fleece of a supernatural ram in order to claim Jason’s throne from a usurper.

The ‘Jason and the Golden Fleece’ slot machine game showcases wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus game features and free games. The betting range available on this video slot ranges from $0.01 to $0.50. The video slot offers six bonus game features. In these bonus game features, players follow a storyline, in which Jason faces a series of tasks which are required to be completed before moving to the next bonus game feature.Jason2

These bonus game features include; the ‘Lolcus Shield’ bonus game feature, the ‘Mysia Harpy Bonus’ game feature, ‘Symplegades Shipwreck’ bonus game feature, ‘Create wheel’ bonus game feature ‘Sirenum Card’ bonus game feature and the ‘Colchis Potion’ bonus game feature.

Though these bonus game features players have a chance to win multiplier values and bonus prizes. However, in the final bonus game feature-the ‘Colchis Potion’, players are required select a magic potion out of 20 magic potions to make a strong drink to put the dragon back to sleep and claim the Golden Fleece.

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So, what are you waiting for!? Take a trip into the adventurous past and experience the journey of braves! The video slot is sure to keep you thrilled.

Exciting New Slots Now Available Online

Those experienced at online casinos know that not all slot games are the same are are always on the hunt for new slots. Some for example are fairly basic which are aimed at casual gamblers who don’t want to think too much about the game they are playing, casual gamblers prefer to rely on luck, and tend to go from machine to machine (or in online terms, the play short frequent sessions), hoping for a quick win. There are also gamblers who like complicated games that have an element of skill involved, which multiple pay-lines and a number of different features that keep them on their toes. These slot machines generally have a theme, such as “monster meteors”, “great galaxy grab” and “starscape” for sci-fi fans, or “flight zone” or “stunt pilot” for those who like some high-flying action. All of these games and many more are available at Casino Rewards, and are well worth a look, as not only are the multitude of games interesting, but the potential for a big win is good too, with large pay-outs available. For more information, we invite you to check our editor’s favorite Get all the best tips and reviews on the best online casinos.

New to the fold this year are brand new games such as “The Dark Knight”, “Karate Pig” and “Untamed”. These slot games are great fun to play and are loaded with features to keep you entertained and occupied. There are also many different ways to win, which for any gambler is a good thing indeed!

“Dark Knight” takes you deep into the world to Batman, where you pit your wits against evil villains such as The Joker and The Riddler. You can choose to be either Batman himself, or one of the villains, and as you play the appearance of your character serves and an instant boost to your winnings. The game features a full soundtrack and clips from the Dark Knight movie.

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“Karate Pig” is all the rage at the moment, and is based around a mythical Japanese pig with a variety of different skills. Amongst his many talents include, musician, samurai master, chef, and even karate champion (but don’t mention chops!). The game itself is a multi-reel slot game with 40 different pay lines. You can even unlock free spins and bonuses as well as special items that boost your chances of winning. This is a highly entertaining game, and includes one really crazy pig!

online casino

“Untamed” is a series of slot games that are perfect for gamers who like wildlife and the great outdoors. It comes in a variety of different guises, including “wolf pack”, “giant panda” and “Bengal tiger”. All the games are similar in terms of features and control, but each feature different animals and areas of the world. With stunning photos, you can enjoy your love of wildlife and win some money at the same time. With multi-reels and win-lines, and a number of features, your entertainment is guaranteed, and the opportunity of a “big win”, “super big win, or “mega big win” are always only a few clicks away.

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All of these new games are available from Casino Rewards right now, along with hundreds of other games that you can browse through to your heart’s content.