How to Participate in Slot Tournaments

You already know that playing the slots is fun and exciting, so how can you improve on an experience like that? The answer is simple – slot tournaments. Those who have a competitive nature are going to be even more excited when playing against other players.

For some, winning the title in a slot tournament is as important, if not more important, than the actual prize money that is up for grabs. There are players who prefer tournaments because they know what their potential losses may be if things are not going their way. For more information on the best slot machines and online casinos check

You begin with the buy-in

Everyone has to buy-in as the tournament starts. This means that you have to pay an entry fee to enter into the tournament and to be able to win. Some tournaments may be free to enter, some tournaments may have the casino ‘comp’ your entry (meaning they essentially pay the buy-in for the player) and other times you will just have to pay for the buy-in yourself. The cost of entry and the number of players is going to determine the prize pool.

The tournament starts

After the players have all paid their buy-in and the registration period is over, the tournament can now start. The traditional method for a tournament is that each player receives a specific number of credits to play with. The players now all play on a machine, and have a specific amount of time that they can play. Can you guess where to find the best tournaments? You might be surprised but Iceland came #1! For more details you can always take a look at, you will find a list of the best casinos in Iceland and a list of the best tournaments.

One of the common formats to play with is that a player has 20 minutes to play and receives 1,000 credits. Each time the player spins, it takes off the maximum bet from the starting credits. The credits that the player wins go on a separate meter, they are NOT added to the initial credits. After the 20 minutes is over, the game locks up. This means any credits not played are lost – thus making it even more important to keep playing as quickly as possible.

A chance to win and have fun

Some of the larger tournaments are going to have several different smaller tournaments before finally going into a ‘final round’ where most of the prize money is won. Especially if you consider the excitement of the game and the fact that you will never lose more than your initial bet, it is worth trying a slot tournament at least once. However if you are not the kind who enjoys tournaments, you can still keep playing solo or register with one of the best online casinos. Yukon Gold, Grand Mondial or even Captain Cooks offer up to 500 games including slots. You can find out more information and register by checking