Mystic Dreams Is Fast Paced Entertainment At Its Finest!

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Smart graphics render a beautiful winter scene in the lands of native American tribes in our country’s fast. In the blink of an eye, the scene changes to a majestic, moonlit sequence of stars. Such is the energetic tempo of the newest online video slot game, Mystic Dreams.

Mystic DreamsBrought to you by Microgaming, Mystic Dreams is a 5 reel slot game with 243 unique ways to win, featuring Scatters, Free Spins, Wilds and some of the most exciting Multipliers players have ever seen. Sticking with the Native American theme, players spin for the mystical Totem Pole symbols. Three Totem Poles in a row will earn a player ten Free Spins. Four or five Totem Poles in a row can earn the player up to twenty Free Spins.

But the Free Spin madness does not stop there when you’re playing Mystic Dreams. If a Teepee Scatter symbol appears alongside a sequence of Totem Poles, a player will earn a multiplier of 2x, 3x or even 4x depending on which reel the Teepee appears on. And that’s not the end of it. If more than one Wild appears on the reel during one of these winning combinations, a player can score up to an astonishing 24x multiplier reward.

Mystic Dreams2The fast pace play of Mystic Dreams is only part of the fun. Colorful graphics illustrate wolves, bisons and eagles, proud Native chiefs and mystical dream catchers, vast plains and tall mountains. When a Free Spin is triggered, the scene changes dramatically to a starry midnight vignette. When it comes to video slot machines, Mystic Dreams is the pinnacle of entertainment!