Exciting New Slots Now Available Online

Those experienced at online casinos know that not all slot games are the same are are always on the hunt for new slots. Some for example are fairly basic which are aimed at casual gamblers who don’t want to think too much about the game they are playing, casual gamblers prefer to rely on luck, and tend to go from machine to machine (or in online terms, the play short frequent sessions), hoping for a quick win. There are also gamblers who like complicated games that have an element of skill involved, which multiple pay-lines and a number of different features that keep them on their toes. These slot machines generally have a theme, such as “monster meteors”, “great galaxy grab” and “starscape” for sci-fi fans, or “flight zone” or “stunt pilot” for those who like some high-flying action. All of these games and many more are available at Casino Rewards, and are well worth a look, as not only are the multitude of games interesting, but the potential for a big win is good too, with large pay-outs available. For more information, we invite you to check our editor’s favorite https://onlinecasinosguidelines.info. Get all the best tips and reviews on the best online casinos.

New to the fold this year are brand new games such as “The Dark Knight”, “Karate Pig” and “Untamed”. These slot games are great fun to play and are loaded with features to keep you entertained and occupied. There are also many different ways to win, which for any gambler is a good thing indeed!

“Dark Knight” takes you deep into the world to Batman, where you pit your wits against evil villains such as The Joker and The Riddler. You can choose to be either Batman himself, or one of the villains, and as you play the appearance of your character serves and an instant boost to your winnings. The game features a full soundtrack and clips from the Dark Knight movie.

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“Karate Pig” is all the rage at the moment, and is based around a mythical Japanese pig with a variety of different skills. Amongst his many talents include, musician, samurai master, chef, and even karate champion (but don’t mention chops!). The game itself is a multi-reel slot game with 40 different pay lines. You can even unlock free spins and bonuses as well as special items that boost your chances of winning. This is a highly entertaining game, and includes one really crazy pig!

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“Untamed” is a series of slot games that are perfect for gamers who like wildlife and the great outdoors. It comes in a variety of different guises, including “wolf pack”, “giant panda” and “Bengal tiger”. All the games are similar in terms of features and control, but each feature different animals and areas of the world. With stunning photos, you can enjoy your love of wildlife and win some money at the same time. With multi-reels and win-lines, and a number of features, your entertainment is guaranteed, and the opportunity of a “big win”, “super big win, or “mega big win” are always only a few clicks away.

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All of these new games are available from Casino Rewards right now, along with hundreds of other games that you can browse through to your heart’s content.